Specialized workshops and training to boost the bottom line.

Elevate your sales leaders to perform better during negotiations with battle-tested tactics to realize higher revenue and margins.

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Sales Kickoff

Provide your sales team with a world class training experience during your next sales kickoff. Expose sellers to new ways of thinking about customers and opportunities. Impact deals in real time.

Negotiating with Backbone


Level the playing field for sellers negotiating with tough buyers or procurement. By identifying key buyer behaviors and understanding what they value, sellers can confidently offer customers choices, implement price increases, and improve deal pricing outcomes. Focused by deal or opportunity, Backbone stops unnecessary discounting while protecting value.

Backbone Executive Workshop


Introduce key Backbone elements and align the leadership team to sponsor the change needed to improve value conversations and deal negotiations with customers.

Backbone: Value Discovery and Qualify


Create more profitable opportunities to upsell and cross sell by focusing on an account’s buying center and customizing value conversations.

Backbone: Grow Sales Portfolio


Support sellers with a portfolio of accounts to ensure resources are assigned and spent appropriately, measured by account growth within and across strategic accounts and overall success of the seller making or exceeding quota consistently.

Give-Gets Workshop


Prepare value messaging for sellers and provide them with cost-to-serve and offering levers to make tradeoffs for effective negotiations.