Sales Kickoff

Supercharge your sellers with new insights on negotiation

Drive profitable growth and help reps hit their number faster.

A successful sales kickoff should move the organization forward in real time. Sellers need to be improving skills and advancing the business, all while gaining confidence to hit their targets for the following quarter and year.

Work with our negotiation experts to design a session that fits in your timeline, your agenda, and forwards your goals while learning core Negotiating with Backbone concepts to immediately impact deals. 

Sellers will gain powerful insights and coaching to help them in every negotiation.

What You’ll Get:

  • Before: Interactive micro-learnings for sellers
  • During: Virtual or in-person sessions, delivered by negotiation experts and tailored to your challenges
  • After: Manager tools to put learnings into practice

Founded in 2003, Holden Advisors is a US-based management consultancy headquartered in Concord, MA.

We are a team of experts in pricing and sales performance. We help our clients identify their differentiating value, align their commercial organizations around those truths, and equip them to price and sell with confidence.

Featured Publications:


  • Overall product line revenue increase of 8% (Tech)
  • $75M increase in strategic accounts (Distribution)
  • 19.5% increase in revenue (Manufacturing)
  • 10% increase in revenue (Financial Services)
  • 25% increase in revenue in first year (Medical Devices)

“The best training the company has ever provided.”
Account Manager, $5B Financial Services Company
“The training helped me achieve my goal of avoiding conflict and presenting a solid case for price improvement and increase for the coming year.”
SALES LEADER, FORTUNE Global 500 Company

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