Specialized workshops and training to help teams understand, communicate, and capture value.

Our time-tested approach drives sustainable, market-leading growth, improved ROS, higher margins, and cross-functional alignment.

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Pricing with Confidence Workshop


Pricing teams learn the 10 key principles to make better pricing decisions and manage inflationary implications; baseline and improve an organization’s ability to stop unnecessary discounting and shift to customer value

Value Transformation Workshop


Embed value-based pricing in your organization. Learn to continually scan the market to understand value and adjust pricing based on lifecycles and competitive positioning. Use value to inform sales messaging

Value-Based Pricing Workshop


Employ the right price metric and model to align with how your customers accrue value. It is only when this is done correctly that a firm can price strategically – that is where to apply skim, neutral or penetration pricing, measured by increased profitability and reduced negotiations

Give-Gets Workshop


Prepare value messaging for sellers and provide them with cost-to-serve and offering levers to make tradeoffs for effective negotiations