Value Workshops

Build Internal Value Capabilities

value-workshops.jpgHolden’s Value Transformation WorkshopsSM build internal capabilities around understanding value and beating the competition in your target markets. Using a three phased approach, we build on your internal expertise and experience by adding in the customer perspective to business practices to drive profitable growth.

We embed value capabilities into your organization to identify and quantify your differential value, define good-better-best offerings aligned to value, price offerings to take a fair share of that value and develop sales tools that communicate value in terms credible to customers. Our interactive workshops teach your team core value techniques, using your own customer and actual deals as case studies to make learning real and actionable. We have optimized our workshops to be efficient and effective, respective of the demands on your staff.

Our time-tested approach drives improved ROS, higher margins and cross-functional alignment to achieve your pricing strategy. 

We teach our transformation clients to: 

    • Understand their differential value and have the backbone to get paid for it
    • Build and refresh a product-services portfolio to tune value delivered to customer needs
    • Embed value into the product and service innovation process
    • Level the playing field by getting beyond procurement to have value-based conversations  with users and decision-makers

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