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Pricing with Confidence: Ten Ways to Stop Leaving Money on the Table 

Bad pricing is a massive destroyer of company value.  Fortunately, there are ten simple rules for unifying everyone in the company—from marketing, to sales, pricing and senior management—in building sustainable pricing power to grow both revenue and profits. Sound too simple to be true? This is Holden’s keystone for success, based on years of experience—that simple solutions work best. They cut to the root cause of the pricing problem and are the easiest to communicate, implement and sustain.

Attendees of this highly interactive workshop will learn their role in building pricing power and how to align the rest of their company around your pricing mission. This program will prepare you to:

    • Select the best targets for immediate pricing improvement to deliver quick wins
    • Quantify the financial value your offerings deliver to customers
    • Differentiate commodity products with value-added services
    • Build offering structures to block competitors’ moves
    • Construct give-gets that enable sales to counter Poker Playing customers
    • Get paid for the value you deliver

The presentation will include a complete discussion on:

    • The ten rules of pricing engagement and how to implement them within your organization
    • Building support among senior managers to support, rather than undermine, pricing activities
    • How to create the “burning platform” to initiate change within your organization
    • Constructing key pricing information systems to help stabilize price competition

This seminar is based on the bestselling book by Dr. Reed Holden and Mark Burton, Pricing with Confidence: Ten Ways to Stop Leaving Money on the Table.

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