Empower Sales

Create Value Based Selling Skills and Tools

prepare-salespeople.jpgHolden Advisors can teach your team to make sales the champions of your price strategy. How? By aligning the entire organization to empower sales to execute price where it matters--in the customer’s office. That means giving sales the tools and skills to confidently and persuasively communicate the value being delivered and the price being offered.

To empower sales people, effective value tools are critical.  The best tools provide customers with choices and allow them to make fair trade-offs given their budgets. We call them Give-GetsSM. These little gems are product/services options or business terms and conditions that deliver different levels of value to your customer. Customers can more easily discriminate higher and lower value options. Ultimately they are your playing cards—to be played or pulled out—in the customer negotiation game.

Give-GetsSM put the seller back in control of the sales process by:

    • Revealing the customer’s buyer behavior - Take a give-get away and Poker Players will object loudly, while Price Buyers will say “thanks.”
    • Increasing knowledge about the customer’s business - By “monetizing” Give-GetsSM for different members of the buying center, understand how to deliver value across the organization.
    • Forcing price-value trade-offs during negotiations - Converting discussions about “how big is my discount” to “how much is that give-get worth to my business.”

We help clients:

    • Identify the best customer targets for high value products and services
    • Build better offerings to give customers choices with fences to protect value and control price negotiations
    • Level the playing field by getting beyond procurement to have value-based conversations  with users and decision-makers
    • Providing sales tools to explain price in terms credible to customers

Contact Carolyn Holden at 978.405.0021 or cholden@holdenadvisors.com for more information.