Backbone Master Class

Negotiating with Backbone Master Class

holden-master-class.jpgRestore power and confidence across your sales organization with the Negotiating with Backbone Master Class: an advanced simulation workshop tailored to your business, designed to build confidence and muscle for tough price discussions with customers. 

This experiential approach to skill development allows business professionals to apply proven negotiating principles to their own complex and challenging market reality.  During this 1-Day workshop, participants will overcome the emotional and destructive responses to unnecessary discounting.   

Sales leaders will be able to identify reinforcement and breakthrough coaching opportunities to improve bottom line performance.

This advanced 1-day session is for sales people and leaders that have attended the 2-day Negotiating with Backbone training with case studies and role plays.  The session can be conducted with the coaches that were assigned to the sales people in the first training.

Contact Carolyn Holden at 978.405.0021 or for more information.