Negotiating with Backbone

Join Reed Holden and host Patrick O'Heffernan in this 4-part series discuss negotiating in today's economy, how to choose the right sales strategy and win.

1. The Great Game of Procurement

This  first podcast in the series provides a conversational overview of Reed Holden’s  new book on price negotiations.

2. Give Gets 

3. Understand the Procurement Game and Customer Behaviors 

4. Role playing with a Procurement Negotiator with Winning Strategies

10 Ways to Stop Leaving Money on the Table

The podcasts are a series of pricing podcasts, based on the hot new pricing book Pricing with Confidence: 10 Ways to Stop Leaving Money on the Table and other timely pricing topics. In the podcasts, Reed Holden discusses ideas that will help you increase your revenues and profits. To listen to a podcast, click the appropriate link.

1. The Pricing Imperative

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2. What Is Your Pricing Purpose

3. Replace Your Discounting Habit with a Little Arrogance

4. Understanding Value: Fundamental for Price Strategy and Poker Playing

5. Pick a Pricing Strategy: How to Have the Right Price at the Right Time

6. Play Better Poker with Customers

7. Price like the Airlines - Almost: Price to Increase Profits

8. Break the Cycle of Meaningless Price Increases

9. Force Your Competitor to React to You

10. Build Your Selling Backbone: Tactics to Trump Procurement

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11. Build Your Pricing Confidence One Step at a Time - Even as Economy Falters

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12. Confidence in Value = Confidence in Price

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Special Podcasts

1. Dealing with Procurement with Confidence: Procurement the New Normal for Sales?

2. Dealing with Procurement with Confidence: Procurement Buzz Saws & Rabbits

1. Preparing for a Return to Growth

2. Strategies for Pricing in Turbulent Times


Watch Holden Advisors' CEO Reed Holden 
discuss pricing insights and sales negotiation strategies.