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PPS-Miami: May 2-5, 2017

Workshop with Chris Mitchell, VP and Ellen Quackenbush, Value Expert. Join Saad Shahzad for his breakout: The Anatomy of an RFP. More info.

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SAMA Conference:
May 23-25, 2017

Join Chris Mitchell and Mike Etzel, VP Shared Sales for Cargill FIS talk about Mining for Goldd Mike Etzel, VP Shared Sales for Cargill FIS talk about Mining for Gold. More info.


Backbone Basics is Here!  learning-build-sales.png

Holden Advisors introduces our newest addition to the Negotiating with Backbone line-up of transformational services: Backbone Basics.  Provide negotiation know-how at your sales teams' fingertips.  

 Negotiating with Backbone App on iTunes! 

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Perfect for B2B salespeople looking to even the playing field with procurement. Available for the iPad exclusively on iTunes.

Click here to go to iTunes.

Guest Blogs

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Holden Advisors is excited to announce that Tannis Ashworth is a new featured blogger on  Look for her new blogs there each month, discussing important pricing and sales issues.  

Ignite Your Value System for Breakthrough Results in 2017

Desperation Pricing is Destructive - Focus on Value, Not Discounts 


Negotiating with Clients You Can't Afford to Lose

By Dr. Reed Holden 

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Passing the Price Gauntlet

By Dr. Reed Holden

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Strengthen the Backbone of Your Sales Performance by Tannis Ashworth. Part 1 of 3 in a series.  

Improve Sales Performance by Identifying Poker Players by Tannis Ashworth.  Part 2 of 3 in a series.  Also watch Reed Holden's commentary on how to negotiate price with Poker Players.   

Coaching for a Better Negotiating Outome by Tannis Ashworth.  Part 3 or 3 in a series.  Also watch Chris Mitchell's 5 Tips for Better Coaching.  

More Media

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 Interview with Pricing Expert and Mentor:

Dr. Reed K. Holden

Hosted by Ron Baker and Ed Kless | Listen

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icon_webinar-sm.jpg"Beyond the Spreadsheet: Identify and Drive Profit Uplift" Co-hosted by Adele McLean, Holden Advisors & Bill Bridgers, Align-Alytics | Listen

icon_webinar-sm.jpg"The One-Two Punch of Price Analytics and Customer Value" Co-hosted by Reed Holden, Alison Yama, PPS | Request
"The Last Mile of Pricing, Making Value Real for the Sales Team and Customers" Hosted by Mark Burton & Chris Mitchell | Listen
icon_webinar-sm.jpg"Innovate for Growth, Price for Profits" Hosted by Mark Burton & Ellen Quackenbush | Listen


icon_podcast_wh.jpgProfessional Pricing Society Podcasts | Executive Support for Pricing Transitions, Interview with Adele McLean, Holden Advisors 

icon_podcast_wh.jpgProfessional Pricing Society Podcasts | Get Your Price and Win Against Low-Price Competitors, Interview with Alison Yama, Holden Advisors | podcast

icon_podcast_wh.jpgListen to Reed Holden in a Podcast Series talk about his latest book Negotiating with Backbone | podcasts

icon_podcast_wh.jpgListen to Reed Holden in a Podcast Series highlighting the 10 Rules in Pricing with Confidence | podcasts