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Lessons Learned from Tesla’s Supercharger Idle Fee

Elon Musk recently instituted fees to help shape owner behavior
By Alison Yama Recently, a Tesla owner tweeted his dissatisfaction at having to wait at supercharging stations, complaini…

The Epitome of Executive Support for Pricing

Tesla Stands Firm on pricing. Musk sends a clear signal of pricing to value for the popular electric vehicle.
By Adele McLean From: Inc.  Elon Musk Shows How to Be a Great Boss in 1 Simple Letter…

Reflections on The Professional Pricing Society’s Spring Conference

Pricing leaders would do well to pay attention to the people side of pricing.
By Alison Yama After getting back from The Professional Pricing Society conference in Dallas last week, I had a chance to think about some of the themes I heard while there: …