Who Is Holden Advisors

Pricing and Selling Experts


Pricing and Backbone Negotiating Experts

Holden Advisors are thought-leaders in B2B pricing and executing price through the sales force. We have years of experience helping companies understand customer value and hone their internal capabilities to price, market and sell based on the difference they make for customers.   We teach our clients to understand value from their customers’ points of view and craft solutions to meet customers’ evolving needs.   Our proven methodology drives improvements in close rates, ROS, margins and cross-functional cooperation

We collaborate with clients who are:

    • Coping with industry commoditization
    • Facing increasingly aggressive procurement professionals
    • Struggling to make price increases stick
    • Experiencing increasing internal negotiations over discounting
    • Suffering from poor communications between pricing and sales

Holden Advisors Is Different:

    • We are industry pacesetters. We created the ground-breaking thought leadership in executing price through sales. 
    • We build in-house capabilities. We believe in creating resilient value cultures that sustain pricing improvement. We foster capabilities, not dependence.
    • We know sales. We don’t create strategies that are cumbersome and too complex to execute. Our results are sales-ready, simple and compelling.
    • We make change stick. Decades of pricing consulting has taught us how to work across functions and levels in an organization to make changes stick.

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