Our Approach

The Pricing Leadership FrameworkSM: Take Control of Value

Within the context of the value discipline, firms must focus on specific pricing capabilities and activities. Pricing occurs at two levels: strategic and tactical. Each must be addressed with equal rigor in order to achieve an effective and sustainable approach to pricing.


The strategic level involves setting pricing and offering strategies as a precursor to establishing list prices. It is also at the strategic level that firms implement their base pricing platform: cost-plus, market-driven, or value based pricing (or a combination of the three for different products/services).


At the tactical level of pricing, companies manage transaction prices and the rules of engagement for price negotiations. At Holden Advisors, we use this framework to help our clients identify areas of profit opportunity and develop an actionable, realistic plan that can produce faster responses in sales negotiations, tighter price controls, functional alignment, and most importantly, bottom-line profit growth.


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